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NELA Today*: The Answer to Chronic Cough

One in ten people worldwide experiences chronic cough, but for about 40 percent of them, the cause remains unknown. Typically, the only information available for a more detailed diagnosis comes from patients' personal accounts of their coughing. That’s where our innovative solution, NELA, steps in. NELA can objectively track coughs and store all the relevant data, providing a more accurate picture for diagnosis.

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NELA tomorrow*:
Collecting and evaluating data objectively.

NELA offers a wide range of applications and generates objectively comparable data. The goal: to improve the quality of life of patients through forward-looking technical solutions and to provide medical professionals with verifiable data on cough symptoms for the monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of chronic cough.

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Carepath Technologies:
Shaping the Future of Healthcare Together

Carepath Technologies is the face behind NELA. Our motivation: To make a significant contribution to modern healthcare with sophisticated technology and to help shape the future of diagnostics and treatment of diseases. The focus of our work is on those who are at stake: those affected by chronic cough.

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  1. * As the manufacturer of NELA products, we are currently carrying out the conformity assessment procedure in accordance with Regulation 2017/745 (EU) on medical devices for NELA products that we have further developed in order to be able to place them on the market as medical devices in the future. The current NELA products, as presented here, are not medical devices and should not be used for purposes intended to diagnose, prevent, monitor, predict, prognosis, treat or alleviate disease.