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NELA device

Every cough is different

NELA products recognise your personal cough pattern and records your cough at your home. This will make it possible to document your chronic cough without gaps.

NELA products will give you and your doctor an objective understanding of when and how often you actually cough.

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Finally, you can see your cough

NELA products will show you the frequency of your cough as a curve on a graph.

This way, you and your doctor will be able to look at the progression together and even "listen in" to your cough.

Doctor and a patient

NELA products help your doctor help you

NELA products are able to detect cough continuously, offering the ability to quantify frequency over time. This provides the necessary objective insights which may be used for gauging trends in cough.

In the future, NELA products will assist your doctor: First, in better understanding your cough, and second in providing an overview of your symptoms.

Learn how you can use the NELA cough recorder at home

This is how simple and easy NELA products work

NELA device

NELA cough recorder is quickly set up in your home - just plug the cable into the socket and you're done!

  • NELA cough recorder installation and use is essentially plug and play.
  • Running continuously in the background, NELA cough recorder tracks your cough day and night.
You and your doctor will be able to follow how your cough develops with NELA products

Here’s what makes NELA products so valuable for you

In future, NELA products can:
supply your doctor with cough data in real time from the comfort of your home, saving time and stress.
provide your doctor with information which illuminates changes in your condition.
recognise deteriorations and provide objective information about those symptoms.
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Together towards our goal

Our NELA team is working together with doctors and patients to write a new chapter for cough monitoring

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We focus on holistic solutions and therefore work closely with doctors, therapists and psychologists.

Just like us, our experts have the goal of supporting patients and getting a better grip on chronic cough.

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As a patient, you know best what works for you.

We develop NELA products for and with patients. Our NELA Patient Circle supports us in development and is at the core of what we do.

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Our Team

We are a close and strong team with the mission to give patients with chronic cough the best possible support.

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You are not alone!

Each of these patient stories is as special as the person behind it

“...with NELA products, I'll be able to see how I am doing overall..."

Holger, 61

"I already feel like NELA's Grandma, as if I have really become part of the NELA family by now.”

Andrea, 50
Chronic asthma

”...Coughing is a part of my life and I want to understand it better...”

Frank, 52
Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

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