What can NELA products help you achieve?

Recording cough has traditionally been done with subjective, self reported patient questionnaires. Using NELA products provides the opportunity for a reliable and accurate objective quantification without burdening the patient.

This will allow for enhanced research and accurate clinical endpoint validation in trials such as:
  • Pharmaceutical trials
  • Rehabilitation programmes
  • Smoking cessation
  • Medical device validation (Apps / DiGA / Hardware)

What makes NELA products so easy to use:

NELA products are easily integrated into any environment, allowing for simple patient participation from the comfort of their home.

With no moving parts or buttons, NELA cough recorder requires nearly no effort to operate.

Unlike cough frequency counting on mobile phones, NELA cough recorder is independent from battery drainage and poor microphones, ensuring high quality data.

NELA device
Hear what patients had to say when participating in our trials:

”Thank you very much for letting me take part in the study. The delivery worked smoothly, connecting the devices was easy and the daily surveys were wonderfully clearly laid out (also very nicely coloured!).”

Medically certified algorithms will meet high quality hardware

NELA devices

1. Trained in real world environments, our Speech Cancelling algorithm preserves privacy by filtering out speech & other sounds.

2. Each NELA cough recorder captures cough up to nine metres away. With multiple device connectivity, NELA cough recorders can easily cover any environment.

3. Essentially plug-and-play: NELA cough recorder captures 24/7 coughing events at home, gathering cough data through both day and night.

4. User-friendly software can generate reports in real-time, track events and provide questionnaires to learn more about the current condition.

All Information gathered and held by NELA products is under hardline General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

NELA's Algorithm is flexible and agile, allowing for many different applications

From running a study using Hardware and App interface, to integration through an API to an interface of your choice, NELA products and our team are adaptable to your needs.

Find out how NELA products can be tailored to fit your research needs

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