Our future belongs to the patients

”We advocate for a world where technology such as AI and IoMT is used to take data-driven health decisions and provide personalized care.”

Andrea Berten, CEO

Our story

Carepath was founded in 2019 in the heart of Berlin with the goal of making a significant contribution to society and helping to shape the respiratory disease management of the future. We want to provide the best possible healthcare for every patient where they feel most comfortable - at home.

Over the years, we have built a close relationship with patients and physicians. We work under a clear and shared design philosophy based on transparency, reliability & a unique focus on who our products are for.

Handling with Care

Data gathered from NELA products is subject to the strictest care and regulations the EU has to offer (GDPR).

Focusing on Users

Most importantly, our products are carefully guided by highly qualified patients and physicians to guarantee a pleasant and profound experience.

Living Quality

We work diligently in developing NELA products, adhering to the highest medical standards to ensure the best quality possible.
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Where we're from and where we're going

The background

From the very start, Carepath has focused on developing products for those who use them every day: patients and physicians. We have held this philosophy throughout the development of NELA’s Product Portfolio, and will continue to as we grow into new projects. As we develop our Flagship products, Carepath paves the way for an exciting future of innovative products, reflecting our commitment to the advancement of remote patient care solutions for patients and physicians alike.

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Together towards our goal

With doctors and patients, our NELA team is working to rewrite the future of respiratory care

Our Experts

We focus on holistic solutions and therefore work closely with doctors, therapists and psychologists. Just like us, our experts have the goal of supporting patients and getting a better grip on chronic cough.

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Our Patient Circle

We develop for and with patients. The NELA Patient Circle supports us in the development of our products and is at the core of what we do.

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Our Management Team

Team Member



“Through Carepath, I can wholeheartedly commit to ensuring that our patients get the care they deserve - highest quality, personalised and empathetic! I have a chronic illness myself and know how important fast and reliable healthcare is, especially in times of crisis.”

Team Member



“Driving healthcare innovation through AI, I am honoured to lead our visionary team as CTO, dedicated to improving lives and shaping the future of healthcare.”

Team Member


Head of Patient Relations

“Cough is my life, cough affects my life. I can improve not only my life situation with our NELA products, but also many patients with chronic cough. I am proud to be part of the team. Our company listens to the patients....”

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Senior Project Manager and People Partner

“My motivation is OUR TEAM, who has a drive to innovate, grow, and most importantly have fun together! As a Team we concentrate on our key goal: HELP PEOPLE in need of respiratory care and influence the healthcare system.”

Team Member


Head of Operations

“Shaping and improving the future of healthcare for people with chronic conditions at Carepath is exciting and challenging in equal measure. Every day makes the whole team and I grow - even beyond ourselves.”

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